Sexual Abuse | Sexual Assault

Sexual Abuse victims are not alone and they have rights, if and when they are ready to pursue them. At Farmer Jaffe Weissing, we want to empower victims to come forward, report crimes and hold perpetrators accountable; thereby educating the community and inspiring others to do the same.

Sexual Abuse & Sexual Assault by Institutions of Trust

Abuse is Occurring at Churches, Boy Scouts, School

According to a U.S. Health and Human Services study, more than 83,000 substantiated reports of sexually abused children were made in 2005 alone. The actual number of incidents of sexual abuse is likely much higher because it is believed that sexual abuse, especially amongst children, is significantly underreported. Sexual abuse and molestation cause great suffering for victims. Victims often deal with unimaginable humiliation and shame and it often leaves long-lasting emotional and psychological damage. 

Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse & Sexual Assault

The abuse and betrayal often arises out of institutions of trust:

Powerful organizations like the Catholic Church have been able to shelter accused priest and clergy as there continues to be no mention of penalties, censures, or removal from office for bishops who continue to hide and cover-up for the abusive priests. We are also seeing this abuse of power in schools/colleges such as Penn State University and Syracuse University. Many sexual predators are often wealthy and powerful and are able to focus vast resources and high profile legal teams in an attempt to deflect attention, avoid criminal liability, and deny justice to their victims. 

If you or a loved one was sexually abused, raped or sexually molested, contact our sexual abuse / victim’s rights attorneys to discuss your legal rights.


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