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Sexual Abuse and Sexual Battery by a Massage Therapist or Masseuse

Massage Therapist Inappropriate Touching, Sexual Advances and Sexual Assault

Every day people in addition to the elderly, the injured, and sports enthusiasts utilize massage therapy for a variety of reasons including reducing stress, improving flexibility, relaxation, rehabilitation, pain management, and good mental health.

Massage therapists can be independently owned, spas or chains. Massage Therapist Sexual AssaultMessage therapist, masseuses and massage parlors are often found on main street, strip malls, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, yoga facilities, the workplace, your home and more.

Each state has its own set of rules regulating the industry and standards of ethics that they must follow. Florida recognizes that massage is potential dangerous to the public as massage therapists must have a knowledge of anatomy and physiology and an understanding of the relationship between the structure and the function of the tissues being treated and the total function of the body. Therefore Florida believes that massage is therapeutic, and regulations are necessary to protect the public from unqualified practitioners. Click here for Florida’s Message Therapy Statutes and Rules.

While most massage therapists and masseuses operate in a manner that follows their state’s ethical standards, there are some massage therapists that cross the line into sexual misconduct (erotics or “happy ending” massages). This can include inappropriate touching (grabbing, touching, fondling, or kissing), exposing oneself, forcing client to touch them, verbal threats to rape or sexually assault, and rape. Those massage therapists that do commit sexual assaults often blame the victim, tell the victim that nothing happened and that they must be confused, or they even use clinical explanations for their behavior – as a necessary part of the message. In some instances the client may be asleep, drugged or drunk.

Here are some recent examples of women and individuals being assaulted during a massage:

It’s important for massage clients to know that any touching without their consent is wrong and they should immediately leave, seek medical treatment if necessary, and to contact the police. Victims are often made to feel a sense of shame or guilt or that they asked for it. These message therapist predators target women and clients because they are in a relaxed state and often very vulnerable making it harder for them to react or be believed.

Physical or sexual abuse by a massage therapist, masseuse, spa, sports therapist, chiropractic therapist, physical therapist, or coach is wrong and is against Florida law. Sexual abuse and sexual battery can also occur at massage chains like Massage Envy, Elements of Massage, LaVida Massage, Zen Massage, and also at small local spas and therapy centers. If you or a loved one was sexually abused, raped or sexually molested, by a massage therapist masseuse, coach, etc. contact our sexual abuse / victim’s rights attorneys to discuss your legal rights.


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