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Child Sexual Abuse in Public Day Care Centers

Florida Day Care Child Abuse Injury Attorneys

One of the hardest things for parents to do is leave their child in the care of another. For many families

Daycare Centers

 and single parents day care center and services are a necessity, not a luxury. Parents are looking for reliable and affordable child care for their baby or toddler. Even with due diligence and research in finding the right day care, there is always the risk of child abuse. 

Day care centers have a responsibility to protect your children from reasonable danger and risk while in their care. Day care faculties should conduct background checks on all employees. They should ensure that children are not alone with any employee, adult, visitors, delivery persons or unauthorized person. Day care facilities also have a responsibility to investigate and report all claims of abuse.

Learn Some of the Warning Signs of Day Care Sexual Abuse:

Parents should confirm that the program is licensed and in good standing with the State. They should make sure their children have and receive adequate supervision at all times. Get to know the facility owners and the workers at the center. Also find out who has access to the home, day care center or day care facility. Also ask the day care center to keep you informed of any new adults or children entering the facilities. Conduct random facility visits to insure the safety of your child.

Despite state child care regulations, abuse does occur and not only by the care takers themselves, but also other children, visitors, and family members who may have access to the day care center or home. Most of Florida’s day care centers are licensed and overseen by the Florida Department of Children and Families. Palm Beach County recently arrested a West Palm Beach day-care director for allegedly failing to report suspected child abuse. It is believed to be the first in Palm Beach County since a new state law “Protection of Vulnerable Persons,” passed that hands out harsher punishment for those who ignore signs of abuse.

One of a parent’s worst nightmare is to learn that their child has been sexually abused or neglected by a care taker. If you have learned that your child has been molested by or suspects that your child has been victimized while in a day care facility, including Bright Horizons, KinderCare Learning Centers, Lil' Rascals, YMCA, or other care facility, contact our sexual abuse / victim’s rights attorneys to discuss your legal rights.


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